Freddie Mecury of ‘Queen” live concert 1976

I have been continuing the scanning of my rock archive. This image of Freddie Mercury was taken at the Cardiff Castle gig. I shot many concerts for the band over a three year period. Its great fun seaching the contact print books and file cabinets to find old images. The images once scanned and retouched then go to a photo library to be uploaded to their collections.

3 comments on “Freddie Mecury of ‘Queen” live concert 1976
  1. Pixy

    This post has been selected as PixyBlog’s Daily Shot for Sat, 22 Aug 2009

  2. jk

    is there anyone you haven’t shot?

  3. Tony Mabey

    Hi Martyn, I would dearly love to buy a print of this shot. It’s a stunning image and the fact it was taken in my home town makes it that much more special. Would it be possible to buy a print?

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