Maserati 300S photographed for Automobile Magazine 2001

It’s the 30th anniversary issue of Automobile Magazine and I was asked to choose my favourite photograph from the thousands I have shoot on hundreds of assignments for the Magazine. The beautiful Maserati 300s in Brescia on the2001 Mille Miglia was my choice.

4 comments on “Maserati 300S photographed for Automobile Magazine 2001
  1. Scott

    This a very impressive image. I would love to be able to afford to hang this on our wall. Very nice.

  2. Rami

    Amazing photo that just speaks to me. Saw it tonight in Automobile magazine and it’s one that will stay in my memory. Well done sir.

    • Vincenzo

      Absolutely Italian in every sense Stunning!

  3. Stan

    Perfect composition! Great ‘body language’ from model, magnificent car.

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