Porsche 911 on Highway 89 above Lake Tahoe California

I am driving this 1980’s Porsche 911 on the’Fall colors moto tour’ rally. This is the first time I have driven a 911 for an extended period and i am enjoying it,even the sections through rain storms.

2 comments on “Porsche 911 on Highway 89 above Lake Tahoe California
  1. Charles

    It was great to have you and Bev along on this soggy tour. Wonderful sharing Mexican style breakfast with you in Stockton. Hope we tour again together somewhere fun and scenic. All the best and safe travels

    • martyngoddard

      Hi Charles,Thanks for the e mail,Beverley and I are used to soppy and had a wonderful drive on the FCMT.Back in the UK now and now find out Octane want me to produce a story for the Great Escapes travel special. Lucky I took a few snaps. Regards Martyn

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