The Comsat Angels ” Waiting for a Miracle” album cover photo shoot image 1980

The Comsat Angels ” Waiting for a Miracle” album cover photo shoot image 1980

I had an e mail from a Comsat Angel fan last year asking if I could buy a print of the photograph I took for the cover of the ” Waiting for a Miracle” debut album cover. I remember shooting the image on a deserted motorway at night but as with many images from that era the record company never returned transparencies or they were lost in my files. Well while looking for other old and interesting photographs this image showed up which was very close the the published cover shot. I even found a group image of the Indie band shot with their native Sheffield in the background. Perhaps the fan will try me again for a print, but they will now be filed in my archive!

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  1. I love that album cover. Is this Sheffield in the background?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes I shot all the images for the cover in Sheffield,traffic was lighter in those days!

  2. classic image and cover

  3. I too loved this photo. I bought the album in New Zealand shortly after release and felt that the image captured the slightly menacing industrial quality of the Comsat Angel sound. It also added to my urge to get to the UK to see the industrial landscapes of the north. Did the band choose the photo for the cover?

  4. This is one of my favorite album covers in my collection. I knew little to nothing of The Comsat Angels back when the debut came out, but the cover photo struck me and seemed to somehow confirm I needed to purchase the album – which has gone on to be one of my all time favorites.

  5. I love the cover of Waiting For A Miracle…I bought the lp when it was released, having been lucky enough to have seen the band at North Staffs Poly in Stoke. That photo sums up the anti-commercial/anti-personality stance of the post-punk era of which it was born.

  6. I remember that night well – being the bass player in the Comsat Angels. I’d love to buy a print.

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