Two hours with the new McLaren P1, latest Supercar.

I was one of the lucky photographers to be allowed to shoot the new P1 for Automobile Magazine prior to it’s unveiling at the Paris Auto Show. I was given just two hours to photograph the car in a studio in deepest Bedfordshire. I didn’t even know what colour the car was when i entered the darkened space but aided by two great assistants I enjoyed the shoot very much. Results at soon. Frank Stephenson designed the Ultimate track day car,weighing in at 1300kg sporting 800bhp 3.8 V8 twin turbo engine boosted by an F1 style KERS system, the makers give a 239mph top speed. Only 500 will be produced @ £800000 each!

One comment on “Two hours with the new McLaren P1, latest Supercar.
  1. Douglas Athas

    An absolutely stunning photo of an absolutely stunning car. My son thinks you’re the luckiest guy on earth to have had the chance to spend even two hours with the P1. He wants to know when you’ll get a chance to take it for a spin?

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