“Rock ‘n’ Roll & Speed” Exhibition

“Rock ‘n’ Roll & Speed” Exhibition

Working with acts at the forefront of the New Wave of British popular music in 1977, Photographer Martyn Goddard produced the “In the City” Album cover for the Jam. But he couldn’t neglect images of fast cars.

Thirty years since working on projects with The Jam, The Cure, Blondie, U2 and Sham 69 making images that were displayed on covers and picture discs of the period. Photo sessions in his Kensington Studio and location sessions that lasted a week such as a major essay on Blondie in New York. Developing a long list of clients from the UK’s leading bands into the late 1980’s, some of which are featured in the exhibition.

A life-long passion for the style of exotic automobiles led Martyn to Car magazine and in 1977 a long association with the imagery of the automobile commenced, always with the eye to make a still image convey speed. He has followed a quest to capture the ultimate purpose of the car; travelling to interesting places in freedom and style.

He continues to photograph, travel and write for leading international automotive titles in addition to working on portraits and features, keeping to a wide variety of assignments to prevent over specialization, which he avoids at all costs!

The exhibition is not a retrospective but a snap shot of the 1970’s and how it affected Martyn’s career, just like the artists featured. After all, many acts are about to reform and go out on tour again. (Memories of working on the Wham tour of China!)

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